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Booty Bands
  • Booty Bands

    • 🍑 BUILD YOUR BEST BOOTY – Sculpt, lift and tone your booty with our mini loop resistance bands! Nothing screams middle-aged louder than a flat peach. Our signature pink bands are perfect for lateral resistance leg strengthening of the hips, knees, and ankles. Add a little oomph! to leg and butt exercises, stretching, yoga, pilates, barre classes, and more. Use multiple bands at once for more resistance!
    • 🍑 PREMIUM QUALITY & STYLE - Soulful Savage bands are made of 100% latex making them light-weight, durable and strong. They come in three beautiful shades of pink with a sleek matte finish. The dimensions of all bands are 12'' x 2''. Resistance ranges from: Light (10-12 lbs), Medium (15-20 lbs), Heavy (25-30 lbs)
    • 🍑 PORTABLE & CONVENIENT – Have an effective workout anywhere! At home, the gym, or on the go while traveling. Soulful Savage mini loop booty Bands go where you go!
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    "I offer real women real solutions that lead to real change. If you’re looking for sustainable transformation, are open-minded, dedicated, determined, and have a burning desire to unlock your greatest potential, you’re in the right place!"
    Sonja Graff
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