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Not your ordinary wellness program!

If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done.

I offer real women real solutions that lead to real change. If you’re looking for sustainable transformation, are open-minded, dedicated, determined, and have a burning desire to unlock your greatest potential, you’re in the right place! Our 30, 60, and 90 day program plans include everything you need to "meat" your fitness, health and wellness goals.


We don’t just slay your demons, we dissect them to find out what they have been feeding on.


Fact: When it comes to health, weight loss, and overall well-being, you simply cannot transform your outsides unless you heal your insides.


Through a nutrient dense, meat-centric meal plan, journaling, meditation, weight training, light yoga, and weekly ‘Soul Work’ exercises designed to help you dig deep; you will learn to change your current flow of energy and express it in a way that disrupts negative behavior patterns and changes momentum.


One day, or Day one? The choice is yours!


Choose a Program to Get Started.

A Message from Sonja

We are not your grandma's Golden Girls. We are sexy, sophisticated, confident, difference-makers who refuse to be labeled "middle-aged."  


We. Are. Queenagers™. And we're just getting started. 


All our Programs are based on a 4 solid foundations.

• Carnivore Diet

• Exercise

• Soul Coaching

•Total Transformation/Accountability


True Stories of

Real Transformation

Real People sharing how their lives were forever changed by our 4 foundations.

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