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Ann R.

Ann R.

I had the serendipitous opportunity to meet Sonja Graff at the beach a little over a month ago. After discovering that we are the same age, I asked her what she did to get such a rockin' body. After hearing her powerful testimony of how she healed her autoimmune disorders and dropped nearly 25lbs, and considering my own challenges with digestion issues and unwanted extra fluff and flubber; I decided to try her 30 day program.

I was skeptical and of course cautious since it seemed so opposite of what I had always believed about diet and nutrition, but with her mentoring and the knowledge she continually shares with me in the program, I quickly began to understand why my body needed this reset. I saw a significant reduction in abdominal bloating within the very first week! And after four weeks I feel so good that I am continuing to phase two with Sonja.

I have great energy and I feel amazing! Her love and encouragement on our coaching calls as well as the "Soul Work" she has me doing; has really added fuel to my fire. I'm learning a great deal about what my mind, body and soul need to thrive. Her workouts are fun to watch and kick my ass in a good, exhausing way. I have more confidence and have found a new appreciation for myself and my body. I can't wait to meet my healthier, stronger, even leaner new body in a couple more months. I highly reccommend her program!



Real people. Real results.

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