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Claudia S.

Claudia S.

Change is scary, and hard, but it is definitely achievable when you have Sonja Graff as your coach. I knew I needed a change in my eating and working-out habits, but little did I know I needed to be reminded how amazing of a person I can be.  I didn’t know I could feel happier and more at peace by having a coach.  

Thanks to Sonja, I feel like I’m in total control over my mental state of mind and my physical image. I lost 13 pounds in just four weeks! But, Sonja is not just there to guide you as a coach, but to be there for you as a friend.  Thank you for encouraging, supporting and pushing me to be a better version of myself.  I can honestly say I have gained a new friend for life.  Keep doing what you’re doing you SAVAGE GORGEOUS QUEEN!



Real people. Real results.

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