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Maria J.

Maria J.

To say Sonja is a Godsend is a major understatement.  I was diagnosed with diverticulitis a few years ago and made some minor prescribed changes to my diet like eliminating high oxalate foods and nuts and seeds but I continued to suffer. As a trained yoga instructor, I was taught that being vegan was best for my body and my world. That didn’t work for me either. If anything, it made my life and gut worse. My body was reacting more often and with greater intensity and I had had enough. The last straw came Thanksgiving 2019 when I suffered a bout so fierce it landed me in the emergency room and on a purse full of medications.  My health continued to deteriorate to the point that I ended up back in the hospital and it was discovered that I’d suffered a fistula in my colon that required surgical removal.  I was devastated and became depressed. I couldn’t even bring myself to my mat for comfort. That’s when I began my quest for something, anything, that could possibly help me.  Who knew the search would start via Instagram and lead me to a YouTube video of Sonja being interviewed about going carnivore and what it did for her health and her life! I felt as though she was speaking directly to me and Id finally found someone who had successfully navigated herself through her own healing using MEAT! WHAT?! I started following Sonja and was so impressed by what she’d been able to achieve through the carnivore lifestyle.  As a menopausal woman as well, the idea of controlling my gut AND my hormones without medications was too interesting not to pursue.  Following my colon re-section, and with the blessing and monitoring of my colorectal surgeon, I contacted Sonja and began the reset my body was craving by eliminating the processed carbohydrates and gut busting culprits in my diet.  But it wasn’t just going carnivore that changed me, it was the process of self-discovery and perspective changes that truly made the difference this time.  Sonja was a firm, yet loving and gentle guide.  

I truly had no idea how much I would change, grow, and become more of who I am destined to be while on this path. Eating meat changed the entire game and Sonja was there every single step of the way with truth, guidance, and inspiration. Today I can say I’m healthier at 52 than I was at 32.  I have been able to come off all my hormone therapy, including thyroid hormone which I was told was nearly an impossible feat and I have been able to regulate by weight easily. Most importantly, I have the keys to unlock the best ME I can be now thanks to Sonja Graff, the Soulful Savage!



Real people. Real results.

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